Sexuality & Gender

Culturally Targeted Smoking Cessation for HIV-positive Men who Have Sex with Men

Alicia K. Matthews, College of Nursing

Stephanie Riger, Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies
2013-2014 Faculty Fellow

In the first year of this three year project, Riger will begin her survey of 750 Chicago women six months after they received services for domestic violence relief. The purpose of this is to examine the impact over time of these services, to explore whether certain interventions correlate with certain client outcomes, and to assess the needs of domestic violence victims six months after receiving services. Riger will work with the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network.

Effects of Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation on Experience of Hate Crimes in Chicago

Paul Schewe, Criminonology, Law, and Justice
Alicia Matthews, College of Nursing

Green Spaces, Psychological Stress, and Preterm Birth in Pregnant African American Women

Carmen Giurgescu, College of Nursing

Ukuphanta/Getting By: South African Women in the Informal Economy

Claire Decoteau, Sociology

Understanding the Social-Cultural Role of Ethnic Culture as a Protective and Promotive Factor Against Suicide in African American Women

Valerie Borum, Jane Addams College of Social Work

Sex and the City: Gendering Neoliberalism

Brenda Parker, Urban Planning & Policy