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Racism and Race Relations

Alexandra Filindra Heading link

Associate Professor, Political Science

Alexandra Filindra is Associate Professor of Political Science and Psychology. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics (Cambridge). She specializes in American immigration policy, race and ethnic politics, public opinion, and political psychology. Her work has appeared in Political Behavior, Policy Studies Journal, Regional Studies, Harvard Education Review, Migration Studies, International Migration and other journals. Dr. Filindra is the recipient of three best paper awards from the American Political Science Association and the Lucius Barker Award from the MPSA.

Faculty Profile

Jennifer Jones Heading link

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies

As a scholar, Jennifer Jones seeks to examine the social construction of race by exploring three distinct sources of change in the contemporary racial landscape — immigration, the growing multiracial population, and shifting social relations between and within racial groups. By focusing on these three themes, Dr. Jones works to expand our understanding of how people become racialized and make sense of that racial identity, as well as how those identities impact social relations and politics.

Faculty Profile

Stacey Sutton Heading link

Assistant Professor, Urban Planning and Policy

Dr. Sutton’s research explores “Punitive Cities” and “Enabling Cities.” Through punitive cities research, she examines racially and spatially disparate outcomes associated with planning and policy decisions such as automated traffic tickets, enforcement of land-use rules for small businesses, and gentrification. Dr. Sutton’s “Enabling Cities” research explores the solidarity economy, worker cooperatives, liberated zones, and equitable development.

Faculty Profile

Susan Perkins Heading link

Associate Professor, Department of Managerial Studies

Dr. Perkins researches leadership, diversity, and institutional change. Her research has found that female national leaders (presidents/prime ministers) in highly racially diverse nations have a positive effect on the economic development of those countries relative to their male counterparts. Another study analyzes the impact of an SEC rule making it mandatory for publicly listed US firms to disclose their corporate board hiring practices to examine the implications of state-level regulations mandating gender and racial inclusion on corporate boards.

Faculty Profile