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Disinvestment in Illinois Higher Education is a Racial Justice Issue

Top left has the title of the event and below it is the date and time. On the right is the outline of the state of Illinois with a red bar that runs across the state and then downwards that states that we have decreased higher education funding by over 47% in Illinois between 2000 and 2022. The rest of the page has the description of the event and then panelists

Legacies of Racism Event

About the event: The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) and the Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy (IRRPP) have teamed up to showcase two reports: CTBA’s A Continued Disinvestment in Illinois Higher Education and IRRPP’s Chicago's Racial Wealth Gap: Legacies of the Past, Challenges in the Present, Uncertain Futures. The research and data in these two reports present an undeniable connection between structural racism, education, and wealth gaps. The event will provide insights from the perspectives of academic researchers, a higher education advocate, and a political leader.

About the series: Events in the Legacies of Racism Series deepen our understanding of the challenges and possibilities of policy efforts to address longstanding racial inequality. Legacies of Racism events build on the themes from our State of Racial Justice in Chicago reports and explore the recent and historic origins of racial and ethnic inequities and ask questions about what it means to try to repair systematic harm done to people and communities.