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All the latest from IRRPP

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2020 Bowman Video: Dr. Vijay Prashad

The 2020-2021 Bowman Lecture speaker was Dr. Vijay Prashad who addressed the possibilities of social and economic transformation and how researchers can work in consultation with social movements during these times of global…

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Ending Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities

On September 1, 2020, IRRPP, Latin American and Latino Studies, and the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Latinos held an event to engage with the problem of anti-blackness in Latinx communities. Panelists…

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January 2020 Scholar Spotlight: Aaron Gottlieb

Aaron Gottlieb is an Assistant Professor in the Jane Addams School of Social Work. Dr. Gottlieb’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of mass incarceration in the United States and how to…

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November 2019 Scholar Spotlight: Rahim Kurwa

Rahim Kurwa is an Assistant Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice and Sociology. Professor Kurwa’s work is focused on understanding how municipalities reproduce racial segregation in an era governed by fair housing law.…

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October 2019 Scholar Spotlight: Phoenix Matthews

Phoenix Matthews is Professor, Health Systems Science at the College of Nursing. Dr. Matthews has more than 25 years of experience examining determinants of cancer-related health disparities with a focus on racial/ethnic minorities…