Oct 21 2021

Data for Justice? Transforming Chicago’s Criminal Legal System

Legacies of Racism

October 21, 2021

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Virtual Event


Chicago, IL

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About the event: How can open data be used to transform inequities in our criminal justice system? In this panel, presenters will discuss how those working inside and outside the criminal justice system are mobilizing data in new ways to change policy. This includes how progressive prosecutors and others inside the criminal justice system are evaluating data and using it to change current practices, how various community groups have pursued data access/transparency and then used that data to fight for changes, how journalists have accessed data and used it to show patterns of differential practices across communities, and how activists and organizers are raising important questions about the way big data is being used by law enforcement.

Panelists are: Janae Bonsu (Organizer and Scholar and former National Co-Director and National Public Policy Chair of BYP100), Andy Clarno (Coordinator of the Policing in Chicago Research Group and Associate Professor of Sociology & African American Studies at UIC), Joe Ferguson (Former Inspector General for the City of Chicago), Jamie Kalven (Writer and Founding Executive Director of the Invisible Institute), Matthew Saniie (Chief Data Officer for Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office), and moderator Stacey Sutton (Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at UIC).

About the series: Events in the Legacies of Racism Series deepen our understanding of the challenges and possibilities of policy efforts to address longstanding racial inequality. Legacies of Racism events build on the themes from our State of Racial Justice in Chicago reports and explore the recent and historic origins of racial and ethnic inequities and ask questions about what it means to try to repair systematic harm done to people and communities.




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Oct 4, 2021

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Oct 4, 2021