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September 11, 2015


Faculty Development Program Reception & Overview

When: September 11, 2015 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Where: IRRPP Conference Room | Suite 219 | 1253 S. Halsted St.

Faculty Development Program Overview
The goal of the Faculty Development Program is to support UIC faculty who are doing research on race/ethnicity that has
the potential to contribute to policy conversations and actions. The Faculty Development Program Reception & Overview
event outlines how IRRPP supports Faculty Fellows and also what IRRPP expects from Faculty Fellows.

The Faculty Development Program includes three components: Engaged Research Support; Grant Support; and Writing Support.

  • 1. We offer Engaged Research Support through an event on Participatory Research where we bring in community leaders who have worked with academic partners; activist scholars engaged in participatory research; and representatives from other academic centers that facilitate academic and community research to conduct a workshop. IRRPP’s Associate Director for Community Partnerships is also available to meet with faculty individually to discuss their projects and any issues that arise.
  • 2. We offer Grant Support through a workshop on grants to help Faculty Fellows improve their funding strategies and outcomes. IRRPP’s Associate Director for Research is available to meet with faculty individually to share her expertise.
  • 3. We offer Writing Support through WriteOut!, a week-long faculty writing retreat where we provide Faculty Fellows with breakfast, space to write from 9 to 5 everyday, and meetings with a writing coach. Faculty Fellows are also welcome throughout the year to come to IRRPP to write-on-site; we want Faculty Fellows to think of IRRPP as a home on campus.

We strongly encourage and expect that Faculty Fellows attend these workshops and take advantage of them as opportunities to learn new practices and further develop their research and writing.

Beyond these workshops and events, a critical component of the Faculty Development Program involves the opportunity for Faculty Fellows to meet and exchange ideas as a cohort. IRRPP’s Faculty Fellows are a vibrant, incredible, dynamic, and interdisciplinary group of race and ethnicity scholars that have much to offer each other. We create opportunities for engagement and exchanges between Faculty Fellows throughout the year that we encourage and expect them to attend and take advantage of.

In return, IRRPP expects that Faculty Fellows will, first and foremost, carry out their fabulous research projects brilliantly. Once the research projects are completed, we expect that Faculty Fellows will submit a final report written for a non-scholarly audience. This report is critical in order to highlight the Faculty Fellow’s work in our monthly scholar spotlights, which are distributed on campus and to everyone on our list serve. IRRPP also hopes that they will be a useful step in writing to audiences beyond UIC.

When the projects are completed, we also ask Faculty Fellows to write either a 1-page funding strategy or a 1-page engaged research plan to continue this project or for a new avenue of research.

We also expect that Faculty Fellows will be ready and excited in a future year to participate in our College Lunchtime Lecture Series where we select a college each semester and feature the work of the faculty we have funded from that college. We invite Faculty, Students, and Deans to this event and think of this as another important showcase for the work of our Faculty Fellows.

Finally, we ask that Faculty Fellows be ready to serve on a future review committee for funding applications.