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April 3, 2013


Making Crime and Criminals

Making Crime & Criminals:
Incarceration and Citizenship on the Arizona-Sonoran Border

By Patrisia Macias-Rojas

When: Wednesday, 2pm
Where: Latino Cultural Center, Lecture Center B2, 803 S. Morgan

Series: Brown Bag Series Visiting Scholar Lecture


How does the national border security mandate to “track criminal aliens” merge with the traditional mission of “deterring illegal immigration”? Based on extensive fieldwork on the Arizona-Sonoran border, the talk examines how migrants in transit, deportees, and border residents resist and reify criminal classifications in their daily experiences with arrest, incarceration, and deportation. More broadly, the analysis considers the complexities of introducing criminal processes to an otherwise civil or administrative immigration system and the implications of linking criminal history to citizenship status.


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This event is free and open to the public