WriteOut! is a week-long writing retreat for doctoral students from all disciplines at UIC who study race and/or ethnicity. It is held two times a year, in the spring and summer. WriteOut! is designed to help graduate students successfully develop a writing practice and make progress towards their degrees. This program is open to students who are currently enrolled in a PhD program that requires a dissertation.

The retreat is a future faculty development program that helps graduate students create a writing practice that is both fulfilling and productive. It is designed to help students build a lasting writing practice. The retreat includes breakfast, a lovely space to write in, accountability meetings with a writing coach, printing and copying, and is free to those who complete the retreat.

Aligning with IRRPP's mission, WriteOut! provides the next generation of race/ethnicity scholars with the skills they need to do the crucial work of challenging social inequality. The transition from structured coursework and exams to unstructured, independent research is a difficult one for any student. For those who study marginalized topics or are themselves members of a marginalized group, this transition can be even more difficult. When they find themselves at the dissertation stage, many students feel lost, alone, and unsure how to complete their projects. We help them think critically about how structural conditions affect their writing habits. Our goal is to enable the next generation of scholars to challenge racial injustice and make the world a better place.

Upcoming Retreats:
May 11 - 15, 2020 and August 10 - 14, 2020



The Retreat

(Free) Registration

To participate, send a $75 check as a deposit. If you attend every session in full, your check is returned to you at the end of the week and the retreat is free. If you do not attend every session, your check will be cashed and used to fund the next retreat.

Uninterrupted Writing

Each WriteOut! Retreat lasts from 9a - 5p, Monday through Friday. No distractions. No childcare duties. No Netflix. If you have a hard time buckling down to write, this retreat will give you the chance to focus on your project for an extended period of time, with the support of your fellow grad students and a structured environment.

First Time WriteOut!

Daily Accountability

Research shows that writers are more productive when they set goals, monitor their work, and check in with another person. Each day you'll do exactly that in a short non-judgmental meeting with a writing coach. You'll leave the retreat with a better grasp of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and a set of strategies to help you move past writing barriers.

WriteOut! Alumni

Alumni WriteOut! is specifically designed for writers who have attended the retreat at least once before. Its purpose is to welcome those who want to return to build on their writing practice in a retreat setting.

The alumni program has the same structure and requirements as the original program. Alumni have the opportunity to engage in peer coaching to provide one another with feedback and support.

The Retreat Space

WriteOutWriteOut! is held at the Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy at UIC, whose space is perfect for every writing style. Our office has a comfy couch and chairs, large and smaller tables to write by yourself or with others. Enclosed writing spaces and spaces by windows that get plenty of natural light.

You should bring your laptop, your lunch, and any materials you need in order to write. Through the week, we provide: