Faculty WriteOut!

Part of IRRPP's Faculty Development Program, Faculty WriteOut! is a week-long writing intensive retreat intended for IRRPP faculty fellows but open to faculty from all disciplines at UIC who study race and/or ethnicity. Faculty WriteOut! offers faculty support and structure for their writing and a focused time to concentrate solely on their writing practice. The retreat offers light daily breakfast, light-filled writing spaces, daily accountability meetings, printing and copying, and workshops intended to support UIC faculty’s writing, publication, and tenure progress. WriteOut! retreats increase faculty capacity, build intellectual density, and grow an intellectual community on campus.

IRRPP offers two Faculty WriteOut! retreats, one in May and the other in July. The retreats are limited to 10 - 15 faculty per session. To maintain the momentum from WriteOut!, IRRPP offices are open throughout the year for Write-On-Site sessions for faculty and students who wish to continue coming together to write in a supportive environment.

Aligning with IRRPP's mission, WriteOut! provides race/ethnicity scholars whose work has public policy impact with the skills they need to do the crucial work of challenging social inequality. During this short but intense week, faculty report that they are very productive, benefiting greatly from this concentrated time devoted to furthering their writing practice.

Faculty WriteOut 2017

Upcoming Retreats: May 18 - 22, 2020 and July 13 - 17, 2020


The Retreat

(Free) Registration

Registration for Faculty WriteOut! sessions in May and July takes place in April. Look for more information on registration at that time on our website, through our listserv, or via email.

Uninterrupted Writing

Each WriteOut! Retreat lasts from 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. No distractions. If you have a hard time buckling down to write, this retreat will give you the chance to focus on your project for an extended period of time, with the support of your fellow faculty and a structured environment. Please note that a 9am - 3pm schedule is available for faculty who are parents or have other afternoon obligations.

Daily Accountability

Research shows that writers are more productive when they set goals, monitor their work, and check in with another person. Each day you'll do exactly that in a short non-judgmental meeting with a writing coach. You'll leave the retreat with a better grasp of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer and a set of strategies to help you move past writing barriers.

The Retreat Space

WriteOutWriteOut! is held at the Institute for Research on Race & Public Policy at UIC, whose space is perfect for every writing style. Our conference room offers a quiet space to write while our open lounge offers both single desks and communal tables with lots of natural light.

You should bring your laptop, your lunch, and any materials you need in order to write. Through the week, we provide: