Current Programs

IRRPP SEW  IRRPP Summer Education Workshop: Advancing Racial Justice in Schools

IRRPP's Summer Education Workshop: Advancing Racial Justice in Schools is a 4-day intensive professional development institute intended for educators. The purpose of the workshop is to develop a cadre of teacher leaders and teacher scholars who will help to improve educational experiences and opportunities for underserved communities. Participants in the program will acquire new knowledge and skills and become embedded in strong networks of support. Learn more here.

Bowman Lecture Series  The Annual Phillip J. Bowman Lecture on Race, Ethnicity, and Public Policy

The Bowman Critical Issues Lecture on Race & Public Policy is a yearly lecture by a nationally recognized scholar who provides timely analysis of issues of equity and justice facing institutions of higher education.

Brown Bag Series  Lunchtime Lecture Series

A regular series in which race/ethnicity scholars from a rotating group of UIC Colleges discuss their projects, explore the connections between them, and examine the themes that cut across disciplinary lines.

Embodied Inequality Series  Embodied Inequality Series: Unpacking the Impact of Race & Racism on Health

Building on important work that has documented extensive health disparities, this interdisciplinary lecture series explores why race is so consequential for health outcomes. Sessions focus on a range of topics including how race matters for access to healthcare and healthcare delivery, how structural and interpersonal racism impact mental, emotional and physical health, and how scholars, practitioners, and community groups can intervene to improve health outcomes for vulnerable communities.

Legacies of Racism Series  Legacies of Racism Series

Events in the Legacies of Racism series deepen our understanding of the challenges and possibilities of policy efforts to address longstanding racial inequality. These events explore the recent and historic origins of inequalities and ask questions about what it means to try to repair systematic harm done to people and communities.

State of Racial Justice in Chicago Report  State of Racial Justice in Chicago Project

The State of Racial Justice in Chicago Project provides a comprehensive picture of the inequities and changing conditions that racial and ethnic groups in Chicago face in the last half century. Events, presentations, and reports produced in conjunction with this project provide accessible data and analysis on how racial and ethnic groups in Chicago are faring in relation to housing, economics, education, justice, and health and are meant as a resource for the development of new engaged research projects and policy solutions. Learn more about the report here.

Policy 101 Workshops  Policy 101 Workshops

A collaboration with the Institute of Government and Policy and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, Policy 101 Workshops provide UIC faculty and graduate students with focused trainings that increase their ability to participate in public policy conversations and increase the impact and visibility of UIC scholars’ research. The workshops are taught by professionals and academics who are experts at translating academic research into policy-ready documents, policy presentations and civic engagement and are offered approximately bi-annually on a rotating basis.

Race⁄Ethnicity Workshop  Race⁄Ethnicity Workshop

In collaboration with the UIC Office of Diversity, this is an interdisciplinary monthly workshop of new and in-progress cutting edge research on race/ethnicity and public policy. The workshop brings together faculty and advanced graduate students with specializations in race/ethnicity and public policy from UIC and other area universities.

Faculty Development Program  Faculty Development Program

The Faculty Development Program supports UIC faculty who are doing research on race/ethnicity that has the potential to contribute to policy conversations and actions. This program provides funding designed to help faculty access the time and resources they need for research and to stimulate and support new community engagement. In addition to material support, the Faculty Development Program provides mentoring resources and creates community amongst faculty through three components: Engaged Research Support (e.g., individual meetings and training workshops on working with community partners); Writing Support (e.g., twice yearly week-long writing retreats); and Community Building (e.g., cohort events).

WriteOut!  WriteOut!

WriteOut! is a week-long writing retreat for UIC doctoral students or UIC faculty from all disciplines who study race and/or ethnicity. The retreat includes a light breakfast, a daily accountability meeting with a writing coach, printing and copying, workshops to further your writing practice, and is free to those who complete the retreat. To find out more about Faculty WriteOut! including upcoming retreats and how to apply, click here.
To find out more about graduate student WriteOut! click here.