IRRPP Publications

IRRPP faculty regularly publish research on race and public policy. Here is a list of publications.


  • Democratizing Tax Increment Financing Funds through Participatory Budgeting
    Authors : Cecile Carrol, Thea Crum, Carolina Gaete, Maria Hadden, and Rachel Weber
    Community Partners : Blocks Together: Action Bettering Communities, UIC Great Cities Institute, and the Participatory Budgeting Project
  • Engaging Chicago LGBTQ Communities in a Community Discussion about Racism, Public Safety, and the Rights of Young People
    UIC Partner : Francesca Gaiba, IRRPP
    Community Partners : The Broadway Youth Center, Affinity Community Services, UCAN LGBTQ Host Home Program
  • Girl Talk
    2010-2011 Policy & Social Engagement Fellowship Project
    Faculty Partner : Laurie Schaffner, Sociology
    Community Partner : Project Nia