IRRPP Publications

IRRPP faculty regularly publish research on race and public policy. Here is a list of publications.


State of Racial Justice in Chi
  • The State of Racial Justice in Chicago Report
    Authors : Kasey Henricks, Amanda E. Lewis, Iván Arenas, and Deana G. Lewis
    The State of Racial Justice in Chicago Report provides a comprehensive picture of the changing conditions of racial and ethnic groups in Chicago during the last half century. The report offers accessible data and analysis on how racial and ethnic groups in Chicago are faring in relation to housing, education, economics, health, justice, and services.
  • Democratizing Tax Increment Financing Funds through Participatory Budgeting
    Authors : Cecile Carrol, Thea Crum, Carolina Gaete, Maria Hadden, and Rachel Weber
    Community Partners : Blocks Together: Action Bettering Communities, UIC Great Cities Institute, and the Participatory Budgeting Project
  • Engaging Chicago LGBTQ Communities in a Community Discussion about Racism, Public Safety, and the Rights of Young People
    UIC Partner : Francesca Gaiba, IRRPP
    Community Partners : The Broadway Youth Center, Affinity Community Services, UCAN LGBTQ Host Home Program
  • Girl Talk
    2010-2011 Policy & Social Engagement Fellowship Project
    Faculty Partner : Laurie Schaffner, Sociology
    Community Partner : Project Nia