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Grants, Grants, Grants!

October 8 @2pm

CoSponsored Grants, Grants, Grants!
How to Fund Your Research at UIC

What: A faculty grant workshop organized by the Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy. This workshop will provide an overview of the process of applying for external funding at UIC. The workshop is taught by Francesca Gaiba, PhD.

E v e n t   S e r i e s

   Director’s Critic Issues Program  Director's Critical Issues Program
   Race& Series  Race& Series
   Policy Practicum  Policy Practicum
   Brown Bag Series  Brown Bag Series
   Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group  Policy, Ethnicity, & Race Group
   Funding Workshops  Funding Workshops
   Cosponsored Events  Cosponsored Events



September 4 @12pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Wikipedia Queer/Trans Edit-a-Thon

September 4 @7pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group The Ebb and Flow of Resistance

September 11 @12pm

Brown Bag Series How to Make a Writing Plan

September 17 @2pm

Brown Bag Series Alienating Race and Opposing
Racial Injustice








October 8 @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Grants, Grants, Grants! How to Fund Your Research at UIC

October 20 @8am

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Hate Crimes Summit

October 24

Brown Bag Series IRRPP Faculty Fellowship
Applications Due





September 7  @7pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group If You Want Peace, Fight for Justice

September  19 - 21

Brown Bag Series Critical Ethnic Studies Conference



October 1  @1:00pm

Funding Workshops Grants! Grants! Grants! How to Fund Your Research on Race/Ethnicity at UIC

October 8  @6:00pm

Cosponsored Faculty Book Celebration: Latin American and Latino Studies Program

October 10  @6:30pm

cosponsored events The Arc that Bends Toward Justice Requires an Accelerator: Engaged Learning as the Bridge to Civic Engagement

October 29  @6:30pm

cosponsored events  A Dream Foreclosed

October 30  @5:00pm

cosponsored events  A Feminist Book Celebration!



November 7  @4pm

Policy Practicum  The Social Cost of America's Race to Incarcerate

November 13  @11 and @12

cosponsored  Using Online GIS Census Data Maps To Teach About Social Issues

November 13  @6

cosponsored  Little War on the Prairie

November 18 - 22  @9am

cosponsored  Write Away! Writing Retreat

November 21  @4:30

cosponsored  CUPPA Research Institutes Open House



December 12 @6pm

CoSponsored Interrupting a Culture of Violence Against Women



January 6 - 10

CoSponsored WriteOut!

January 22 @1pm

CoSponsored How to Make a Writing Plan



February 6 @1:00pm

Funding Workshops Graduate Student Funding

February 20 @6:00pm

co-sponsored event Disability Poetics: Migration and Transformation

February 27 @Noon

brown bag series Brown Bag Lecture Series, College of Education

February 28 @8:00am

cosponsored Minority Health in the Midwest Conference



March 3  @6:30pm

cosponsored Great Cities, Great Schools
A Conversation with Pedro Noguera

March 8  @8:00am

cosponsored Second City Anthropology Conference

March 12  @3pm

Directors critical issues series IRRPP's Annual Phillip J. Bowman Lecture in Race and Public Policy:
Charles J. Ogletree Jr.



April 8 - 10  

cosponsored Resistance to Mass Incarceration: Exploring Restorative Justice in Chicago

April 9  @3pm

race and series Trans*Health @UIC:
A Community Forum to Celebrate, Educate, and Create Alliances

April 10  @noon

brown bag Brown Bag Lecture Series, School of Public Health

April 14  @3pm

cosponsored A Studio Revolt Film Screening: Masahiro Sugano’s "Cambodian Son"

April 15  @2pm

cosponsored The Color Orange? Social Justice Issues in Orange is the New Black

April 22  @5pm

cosponsored The Syrian Uprising Three Years On: Regime, Opposition, Outsiders



May 1  @4pm

cosponsored Unfinished Business: The Right to Play

May 12 - 16  

cosponsored WriteOut!: A Dissertation Writing Retreat

May 28 - 30  

cosponsored Chicago Freedom Summer Conference



June 3  @1:30-4pm

cosponsored Webcast: School to Prison Pipeline, From Perceptions to Solutions

June 14  @12:30-5pm

cosponsored Abolishing the PIC & Transforming Justice: A Workshop



July 17-19  @12:30-5pm

cosponsored An International Latina/o Studies Conference: Imagining Latino/a Studies Past, Present, and Future

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2012 - 2013 Academic Year





February 5  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Contemporary Issues, Policy Recommendations And The Puerto Rican Community

February 7  @12pm

Brown Bag Series Race and Insufficient Sleep

February 14  @3pm

Brown Bag Series Not In My Class(Room): Race, Disability And The Dilemmas Of Difference



March 1  @10am

Funding Workshops HELP! Sponsored Faculty Research Support Systems at CUPPA and UIC

March 12  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Being Mixed and Black: The Socialization of Mixed Race Identity

March 13 @3pm

Fuerza Latina: A Paradox of Success and Hardship, by Sylvia Puente, Director of the Latino Policy Forum

March 14 @4pm

Brown Bag Series Viewing Urban Violence Through the Lens of Trauma: Public Health Approaches to Healing



April 3  @2pm

Brown Bag Series Making Crime & Criminals:
Incarceration and Citizenship on the Arizona-Sonoran Border

April 11  @12pm

Brown Bag Series The Effects Of Race, Gender, And Sexual Orientation On Experience Of Hate Crimes In Chicago

April 23  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Accommodationists, Progressives, And African American Education From The 1860s – 1930s

April 26  @8am

Brown Bag Series Guarding All Children in Sleep