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Marissa Alexander Retrial

December 8

RaceandSeries Marissa Alexander Retrial

IRRPP is holding an educational campaign about Marissa Alexander. This is part of IRRPP's Race& Sexuality and Violence Series.

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   Race& Series  Race & Series
   Brown Bag Series  Brown Bag Series
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September 4 @12pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Wikipedia Queer/Trans Edit-a-Thon

September 4 @7pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group The Ebb and Flow of Resistance

September 11 @12pm

Brown Bag Series How to Make a Writing Plan

September 17 @2pm

Brown Bag Series Alienating Race and Opposing
Racial Injustice











October 7 @1pm

Cosponsored Events Steven Salaita: Palestine and the Limits of Academic Freedom (Cancelled)

October 8 @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Grants, Grants, Grants! How to Fund Your Research at UIC

October 16 @6pm

Race and Series Criminal Queers

October 20 @8am

Race and Series Hate Crimes Summit

October 24

Funding IRRPP Faculty Fellowship
Applications Due

October 30

Cosponsored Contexualizing Ferguson, MO



November 13 @9am

Cosponsored Events City on the Make: Race and Inequality in Chicago

November 17-21

Cosponsored Events WriteAway! PhD Writing Retreat



September 7  @7pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group If You Want Peace, Fight for Justice

September  19 - 21

Brown Bag Series Critical Ethnic Studies Conference



October 1  @1:00pm

Funding Workshops Grants! Grants! Grants! How to Fund Your Research on Race/Ethnicity at UIC

October 8  @6:00pm

Cosponsored Faculty Book Celebration: Latin American and Latino Studies Program

October 10  @6:30pm

cosponsored events The Arc that Bends Toward Justice Requires an Accelerator: Engaged Learning as the Bridge to Civic Engagement

October 29  @6:30pm

cosponsored events  A Dream Foreclosed

October 30  @5:00pm

cosponsored events  A Feminist Book Celebration!



November 7  @4pm

Policy Practicum  The Social Cost of America's Race to Incarcerate

November 13  @11 and @12

cosponsored  Using Online GIS Census Data Maps To Teach About Social Issues

November 13  @6

cosponsored  Little War on the Prairie

November 18 - 22  @9am

cosponsored  Write Away! Writing Retreat

November 21  @4:30

cosponsored  CUPPA Research Institutes Open House



December 12 @6pm

CoSponsored Interrupting a Culture of Violence Against Women



January 6 - 10

CoSponsored WriteOut!

January 22 @1pm

CoSponsored How to Make a Writing Plan



February 6 @1:00pm

Funding Workshops Graduate Student Funding

February 20 @6:00pm

co-sponsored event Disability Poetics: Migration and Transformation

February 27 @Noon

brown bag series Brown Bag Lecture Series, College of Education

February 28 @8:00am

cosponsored Minority Health in the Midwest Conference



March 3  @6:30pm

cosponsored Great Cities, Great Schools
A Conversation with Pedro Noguera

March 8  @8:00am

cosponsored Second City Anthropology Conference

March 12  @3pm

Directors critical issues series IRRPP's Annual Phillip J. Bowman Lecture in Race and Public Policy:
Charles J. Ogletree Jr.



April 8 - 10  

cosponsored Resistance to Mass Incarceration: Exploring Restorative Justice in Chicago

April 9  @3pm

race and series Trans*Health @UIC:
A Community Forum to Celebrate, Educate, and Create Alliances

April 10  @noon

brown bag Brown Bag Lecture Series, School of Public Health

April 14  @3pm

cosponsored A Studio Revolt Film Screening: Masahiro Sugano’s "Cambodian Son"

April 15  @2pm

cosponsored The Color Orange? Social Justice Issues in Orange is the New Black

April 22  @5pm

cosponsored The Syrian Uprising Three Years On: Regime, Opposition, Outsiders



May 1  @4pm

cosponsored Unfinished Business: The Right to Play

May 12 - 16  

cosponsored WriteOut!: A Dissertation Writing Retreat

May 28 - 30  

cosponsored Chicago Freedom Summer Conference



June 3  @1:30-4pm

cosponsored Webcast: School to Prison Pipeline, From Perceptions to Solutions

June 14  @12:30-5pm

cosponsored Abolishing the PIC & Transforming Justice: A Workshop



July 17-19  @12:30-5pm

cosponsored An International Latina/o Studies Conference: Imagining Latino/a Studies Past, Present, and Future

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2012 - 2013 Academic Year





February 5  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Contemporary Issues, Policy Recommendations And The Puerto Rican Community

February 7  @12pm

Brown Bag Series Race and Insufficient Sleep

February 14  @3pm

Brown Bag Series Not In My Class(Room): Race, Disability And The Dilemmas Of Difference



March 1  @10am

Funding Workshops HELP! Sponsored Faculty Research Support Systems at CUPPA and UIC

March 12  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Being Mixed and Black: The Socialization of Mixed Race Identity

March 13 @3pm

Fuerza Latina: A Paradox of Success and Hardship, by Sylvia Puente, Director of the Latino Policy Forum

March 14 @4pm

Brown Bag Series Viewing Urban Violence Through the Lens of Trauma: Public Health Approaches to Healing



April 3  @2pm

Brown Bag Series Making Crime & Criminals:
Incarceration and Citizenship on the Arizona-Sonoran Border

April 11  @12pm

Brown Bag Series The Effects Of Race, Gender, And Sexual Orientation On Experience Of Hate Crimes In Chicago

April 23  @2pm

Policy, Ethnicity and Race Group Accommodationists, Progressives, And African American Education From The 1860s – 1930s

April 26  @8am

Brown Bag Series Guarding All Children in Sleep