diverse studentsEducation Justice

2012-2013 Policy & Social Engagement Fellowship Project

Faculty Partner: Pauline Lipman, Educational Policy Studies, plipman@uic.edu
Community Partner: Kenwood Oakland Community Organization


The goal of this project is to produce a series of policy briefs grounded in the lives of the community members affected by school closings, school turnarounds, and phase outs. Unlike the Chicago Public School's school actions, which have been top-down decisions, lacking democratic process and transparency, we will organize forums to encourage community dialogue regarding these school actions and seek out alternative visions for school reform. In addition, we will participate in community meetings to share research.


2013-2014 Policy and Social Engagement Fellowship

Jennifer Brier, Gender & Women’s Studies
Partners: The Chicago Freedom School and the Read/Write Library

The Chicago Freedom School, founded in 2007, provides leadership and social justice courses to primarily minority students in Chicago. Dr. Brier and the Read/Write Library seek to promote the creation and storage of oral history about the CFS and its students. This project provides interview formats, interview technology, and interviewing and digital archiving training to CFS students… teaching valuable skills while also providing insight into the lives of socially engaged young minorities and the tumultuous state of the Chicago Public School system.