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January Scholar Spotlight
Prof. Mansha Mirza's work on how Black and Latino parents manage their children's special healthcare needs is featured in our January Scholar Spotlight. Read more here.


Policy 101 Workshops  Policy 101 Workshops

A collaboration with the Institute of Government and Policy and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, Policy 101 Workshops provide UIC faculty and graduate students with focused trainings that increase their ability to participate in public policy conversations and increase the impact and visibility of UIC scholars’ research. The bi-annual workshops are taught by professionals and academics who are experts at translating academic research into policy-ready documents, policy presentations and civic engagement.














Policy 101 Policy 101 Workshop

This new media workshop will focus on how academics can use social and web-based media platforms to put their research into the hands of the public. This event is on Thur., Jan. 26th. Read more here.

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