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February Scholar Spotlight
Prof. Cedric Johnson's work on how the revitalization of New Orleans has impacted service workers in the tourism-entertainment complex and gentrification in the city is featured in our February Scholar Spotlight. Read more here.


IRRPP Has Moved Back to CUPPA

While our time on the south campus was very productive, we are thrilled to be returning to our offices on the third floor of CUPPA (412 S. Peoria Street). As always, our doors remain open for students and scholars looking for a place on campus to connect with others doing research on racial and ethnic dynamics and public policy. 








Embodied Inequalities Event Embodied Inequalities Event

University of Colorado Prof. Dayna Matthew discusses her new book, "Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care." This event is on Thur., Feb. 23rd. Read more here.

Embodied Inequalities Event Faculty Achievement & Book Celebration

IRRPP is proud to celebrate our accomplished faculty. Please join us as we gather to recognize their achievements from the past year. This event is on Wed., March 1st. Read more here.

Also, email us if you have an event that you would like to see publicized in our weekly bulletin.